SMS use Cases

Professional SMS messaging is a fast-growing branch of the telecommunications industry, fuelled by the adoption of SMS by enterprises. It is also a business you can start with almost no investment, offering good opportunity for profits.

For years, people have used SMS for so many cases and scenarios We have assisted a number of businesses to reach out to their potential clients, and reactivate their clients account with simple notification that is filled with information.

Send One-Time PINs

One time pin for System authorizations, such as bank transfers confirmation, 2FA Two factor Authentication, etc.

Send e-Receipts

Use media message templates to send e-receipts over SMS after a customer makes a purchase.

Help Customers Schedule Their Appointments

Help customers reserve appointments in the most convenient way whether it is via chatbot or a messaging channel with agent help.

Maximize Account Security with 3FA and AI

Use biometrics as a third layer of user authentication during log in to take your security to the next level. SMS automation can make that happen.

Send Invoices

Use SMS to automate invoice notifications to your users.

Appointment Reminder

Remind your customers on important appointments.

Promote Event

Promote Your Live On-Demand Event, Build a bigger viewership for your On Demand event using two communication channels.

Form Abandonment

Avoid Form Abandonment, Reduce the abandonment rates with messages offering to help customers complete the forms.

Order Status

Inform Customers of Their Order and Delivery Status. Send timely order notifications to your customers for the best shopping and delivery customer experience.

Birthday Messages

Engage Customers With Birthday Messages, Create special moments on special days to let customers know you are thinking of them all year round..
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Transparency. Functionality. Control.

Your have complete control and transparency of your operations, and the billing system is entirely under your command. Our fully-featured messaging suite allows you to apply your own logo, colours, URL, and brand elements. You also get advanced management panels and reporting mechanisms.

Partners to rely on.

We have rapidly growing technology and world-class technical support; our resellers have local knowledge, specific insights and unlimited potential for growth. Together we create value, building the future of mobile.

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